That  “Choppers Guy “


Thank you Scottsdale.  20 years and loving each and everyone 🙂

Kelly Michael is the singular true Master of women’s short hair cuts, epic hair color  &  Brazilian Blowout in Scottsdale, AZ 

top hair stylist in scottsdale

Top hair stylist in scottsdale –  ” Great Hair with Good Karma ” 

Never have taken a “Selfie” – Unlike most successful Hair Stylists in Scottsdale – I simply am not a “Poser” 🙂  nor do I need to pay to advertise.   I am simply not that interesting to look at and my work speaks volumes for both myself and my most amazing Clientele . 

Brazilian Blowout in Scottsdale

Brazilian Blowout in Scottsdale

Top Brazilian Blowout in Scottsdale

Top Brazilian Blowout in Scottsdale


best short women hair cut in scottsdale, az

Best womens short hair cut in scottsdale

short pixie haircut in scottsdale

pixie hair cut in scottsdale

best short women hair cut in scottsdale

The true Master of short women hair cuts.  A speciality in scottsdale


New clients mostly come from personal referrals of existing happy clients.

20 years a top rated Hair Stylist & Salon Owner.  Always in top local Salon searches with great Google and Yelp reviews.  Plus a couple really mean ones 🙂  I Enjoy both Cut and Color.  Have earned & held the  – Only-   ” Platinum ” Brazilian Blowout Salon rating in Scottsdale. 

I enjoy all cuts and hair color techniques but if asked to pick a strength.   Textured medium length to very short hair cuts with enriched color.  The “LOB” Long layered Bob  “Modern Pixie” being (2) favorites. ” Few hair cuts are more demanding of skill and impart greater effect then a stunning short cut on a woman’s sense of freedom and power . ”  

Please, come visit my Salon.   Meet my many talented Stylists.

With many thanks – Kelly Michael

Best hair in Scottsdale

Good Karma = Great Hair