Sean is a 31 plus year veteran in the industry. He has been a platform artist, educator and an artistic director for many salons including three of his own and still has clients flying in from all over the US to experience his dry cuts & colors from rock stars, to the rich & famous to soccer moms around the world.

Working side by side with some of the industries truly great dry cutters, Sean created his own signature dry cutting method. Along with his signature dry cuts, he creates customized colors that accent his clients features to bring life to the overall look created specifically for each guest.

Sean says “wet hair is like a bad boyfriend; it lies right away” which is why his dry cuts are the essential foundation for the over all look of the finished product.

Dry cuts are especially useful for long, straight or curly haired guests who want to get rid of damage but refuse to sacrifice length.

Sean is a successful independent Stylist @ Choppers – Please call him directly regarding a personal consultation and pricing.